8 horas.

Itinerary *

We depart from the hotel towards Laguardia, where we will have lunch. In this walled town, you will enjoy visiting the Villa Lucia Museum and the Church of Santa María de los Reyes while having a pleasant stroll by the town. This church is outstanding for having the best-preserved gothic portico in Spain. In this route you can visit El Fabulista winery (house of fabulist Felix María Sánchez de Samaniego) as well as Heredad de Ugarte winery.

In Assa, we will see The Bridge of Mantible (dating from II century BC).

Our last stop is Logroño where you can taste a nice tapas menu. Walking through its emblematic streets such as Laurel street, is the best way to know this town of pilgrimage.

Return to the hotel.

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